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Website Design, Complex Shipping & Menu Option Setup

Goal: Recreate a meal prep demo website on WordPress equip with scheduled menu items, payments, deliveries and more advanced features

Nutri-Go is a creative team offering healthy meal delivery solutions so you can save time during your day.  With scheduled items, shifting seasonal items, variable ingredients, sizes and item addons, Nutri-Go was in need of a versatile website with a back end that could do all the above, with a handful of shipping and payment options. 

We linked up and recreated their website from their existing design.  With their guidelines and a template, we made it happen.

The larger challenges with this project weren’t the design itself, but the back end functionality.  

On WordPress / WooCommerce, we created an automated system with all the features to manage orders, recurring payments, a database of desires from each user, ingredient options, multiple shipping options, scheduled shipping, rotating weekly menus and more.

This came together with the help of a few plugins, customizations and integrations with other existing software and applications.

Automation is the key with an advanced set of necessary features.

Light & Modern Website

Simple and easy means better chances of a high quality user experience. We helped Nutri-Go achieve a lightweight, simple and modern design for their new website look (based on their specifications and a pre designed template).

Scheduled & Recurring Payments

Payments are no problem. Nutri Go needed the best local options for scheduled preauthorized credit card payments, done and done.

Variable Menu Items

Different size portions, ingredient demands and product based addons means variable product listings. That's all ready to go for the Nutri team.

Advanced Product / Menu Variables

Product bundles, addons, variations, size differences and other features define a custom user experience for each client you encounter.  We put this into action for Nutri-Go as seen to the left!

Weekly Rotating Menu

Imagine an automated process that allows your business to offer different products on different weeks, without lifting a finger. Nutri's got that now, and we've got you covered.

Shipping Alternatives & Scheduling

Pre schedule daily, weekly, monthly or whatever timeframe you need for shipping. This is a great way to get customers to consent recurring payments.

Left Navigation

If you haven’t noticed, Nutri-Go’s WordPress website is utilizing a fixed position left handed navigation bar.  These are very functional for quick navigation and come in handy with complex websites that require recurring navigational clicks.