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Enjoy Bitcoins, a cryptocurrency experience

Enjoy Bitcoins was an in-house project hosted early 2013 – 2015.   

This was a total cryptocurrency experience with over 600 Bitcoin related exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets, and supporting services for consumers and merchants alike.

Enjoy Bitcoins was an affiliate driven website.  By writing quality, long and unique reviews on each service, we were able to grab organic search clicks from crypto interested consumers using search engines to find services. 

When users sign up for services, we would earn a fixed or variable monetary reward. 

API integration for exchanges

Integrating API’s from the top volume Bitcoin exchanges, we created an interactive header that represented the Bitcoin exchange rate at any given period, updated every 5 seconds.

Users also had the option for quick access to a Bitcoin / USD conversion calculator which instantly updates upon input.

Keys to affiliate success on Enjoy Bitcoins

Enjoy Bitcoins was a successful affiliate marketing project due to it’s organic presence on search engines.  This was achieved by long and quality reviews, cloaked affiliate links and writing reviews that covered areas not looked into on other platforms

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600 discoverable services

Enjoy Bitcoins found success as one of the early Bitcoin product and service directories with authentic reviews.  

Each service had custom meta information that let users easily filter each service by their exact needs, location and attributes. 

2 important aspects to a successful directory, active reviews and valuable user experience.

Amazing Reviews

Write really good reviews and customers will trust your word, and maybe even purchase right there. Add a discount and time bound incentive to purchase for better results.

Active Reviewers

Enjoy Bitcoins used a direct marketing approach to letting businesses know they were listed. In turn, these businesses would promote their listing to their audience and generate quite a bit of traffic.

Massive Selection of Services

As a directory, it's important to capture users that will think of your brand when they want to purchase a product. The more products or services you cater to the greater our chances.

Tools That Add Value

Extending further than a directory, Enjoy Bitcoins offered a number of complimentary tools for cryptocurrency users, such as live exchange rates and a quick converter for USD. Tools that add value bring return traffic.