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Goal: Get discovered online with a simple portfolio display and service pages that touch on high converting keywords.

Empire Home Theatre is a local Calgary home theatre installation service ran by a fellow named Matt, a great guy really. When we got in contact Matt was working with a tiny budget, but wanted to get the most out of it.

Like so many people we’ve met, Empire was on a monthly service with a larger directory company and the numbers weren’t adding up. 

I took a look at the monthly analytical reports and the numbers shown weren’t important.  When we got down to the nitty gritty we realized Empire was merely getting 5 – 10 monthly clicks from Calgarian’s looking for TV mounting and other services. Typically marketing agencies with bad numbers will send businesses an array of meaningless information to overshadow the important numbers.

Empire wanted to show up for a few services on search engines, and get a grasp for monthly analytics that are actually important.  We got to work on a thin budget, and it went well.

Simple & Lead Oriented

With Empire Home Theatre we have one goal.  Generate leads in the areas that matter.  That means an emphasis on email or phone contact in an industry that relies on custom quotes.  And that’s what we did.

Basic keyword research led us to the correct keywords and higher volume, lower competition opportunities.  We built our pages, imagery, internal and external links and content based on this information.  That helps us get a head start on the hunt to ranking for keywords people are searching.

With a Few Basic Tweaks We Made The Numbers Twerk

Matt from Empire Home Theatre was sitting on a fairly greasy website when we met the first time.  A lack of proper website wording, pages and general online outreach meant Empire was in need of a face lift to get the local Calgary home theatre installation jobs they deserve.   

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Increase in Online Leads
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Rise in Traffic

Keep It Simple

A million pages that mean nothing isn’t what search engines want to see.  The goal for Empire and SOMarketing is to generate high converting leads, in areas of service.  Since most jobs are custom, we want to generate emails and phone calls to establish first contact.  

This includes Google’s knowledge graph and getting the business noticed by search engines, even if that means the customer doesn’t make it to the website, the content on it is important to show your business in custom business directories.  Empire is now set up with basic exposure that matters.

Website Overhaul & Internal SEO

On a shoe string budget we did basic keyword and competitor research to get a general idea of what the industry is working with.

Content Recreation

Based on the research we recreated pages and content necessary to get pages noticed for the particularly important service keywords.

Local Directory Outreach

Content is only half the battle. In order to help better educate search engines with accurate information you're going to want to get in the proper local business directories and industry directories.

Monthly Reporting

Empire wants a hands off approach so they can focus on what they are best at, installations. Every month we send over a quick, concise and easy to understand report with the important information only.

Trust is Important For Services

Another goal we wanted to achieve is the trust factor.  By adding a portfolio of past jobs, a few feature clients, and reviews, Empire conveys a level of trust with Calgarians increasing chances of a lead generated.