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Custom canvas printing platform

Goal: Allow users to customize their own canvas online by uploading images and adding objects

This was a fun project.  Developed on a WordPress WooCommerce stack, we made Camera 2 Canvas the perfect eCommerce site ready with credit card payments and Paypal payments. 

Users choose a canvas size, frame, backing material, and upload photos on to a real time canvas. 

We achieved this by using a product customizer purchased on Envato Market.  The product customizer gave us a platform to work off of.

Completely overhauling the plugin for custom canvases and all the additions, this website is now a fully functional custom canvas printing service and one of Calgary’s premier destinations for quick, cost effective and beatuifully printer canvas art directly from the seat of your house. 

Lightweight & Customizable

Users have complete control of every part of their canvas, and with each option selected, you will see that reflected in the canvas. 

Anyone can upload images form their computers, and add text and objects, or use Camera 2 Canvases pre designed options.


All of the help dialog boxes and pop up screens are easily resized, or exited upon clicking anywhere on the screen.  The simpler these things are, the more likelihood a customer will have a positive experience.

Creative & Informative

Anytime you have a customizer on your website, you’re going to need troubleshooting, an FAQ and learning steps to ease a users first time experience.  

For Camera 2 Canvas, we made a perfect balance of typography and creative design to make the information flow, and lessen the perceived burden of learning how a new online service works.  If the user experience isn’t a positive one, who’s going to return?

Easy To Use Shop

Getting started on Camera 2 Canvas takes merely seconds. Users can checkout without an account, and all canvas options to get started are accessible from any screen on the website.

Upsale Galore

Product customizer websites give the business ample opportunity for upsales and upgrades. For Camera 2 Canvas, frames, canvas type, quality of ink, colors used and pre designed options are all revenue increasing options.

Order Tracking

Track your order from start to finish simply by entering your order number on site. This is a great option for increasing the overall user experience and building trust.


When an order is placed on Camera 2 Canvas, it's 1 click to send an automated email that the order has been received, 1 click for processing emails, and 1 click for order information. The backend is seamless and setup for complete automation so the owners can focus on what matters, the end product.