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We are a Canadian marketing agency that helps small and large scale brands develop a cohesive image, then, implement and analyze all marketing mediums; digital, print and product oriented.

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Industries we have experience with:   Cannabis  |  Cryptocurrencies  |  Action Sports  |  Trades & Construction  |  eCommerce  |  Art & Design  |  Technology  |  Meal Planning & Ordering  |  Fitness

We do things different. From Start to Finish

It’s important that your brand is built with an image that represents your industry culture.  Our team will help you find the perfect logo, brand pack and develop a cohesive image around your vision.

Carry your brand image throughout all of your print and digital marketing materials.  SOMarketing will design your dream advertisements, print materials and develop your social media channels to have constant branding and sizing that works for each social platform.

Logo Design  |   Product Packaging  |  Advertisement Design  |  Business Cards  |   Print 

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Website Design & Marketing

Not only do we create beautiful websites, we also help promote your existing online business with search engine optimization and our knowledge of the online battle for attention.  Trust our experienced team to lead your business to the correct online services that will help you grow, manage and market your brand more effectively.

eCommerce  |   Appt. Scheduling   |   Portfolio   |  Affiliate  |  Dropshipping 

eCommerce Websites

Bring your products or retail shop online. Manage and automate all of your orders, emails and purchase process. Dropshipping, affiliate website, cannabis dispensary websites, product sales, subscription or download purchases, we know eCommerce. We set you up for success, and if you want to manage it yourself, an easy to understand backend.

Search Engine Optimized

Depending upon your goals, you might be looking to get your brand noticed by customers using search engines. We have dozens of years of experience in ranking first for the keywords that matter to your bottom line.

Services & Appointment Booking

Are you managing a nail or hair salon? An appointment based business? No problem at all. We have all the tools to let you start scheduling customers appointments online. If you're already using an online scheduling website, no problem, we will find a way to transfer your data or integrate your old scheduling software as well.

Product Customization Websites

Are you a wholesaler, distributor or product manufacturer that would like to offer customers a way to add their own images or customize your products? We have you covered with software to make this happen directly on your website.

More Website Services

Analytics & Integration Setup

We suggest monitoring your website biweekly so you can see how consumers are responding to your content. This way we can learn about your market, and adjust the strategy according to statistics. Let our team of anlytical experts set up all the monitoring you need to see real time data yourself.

Search Engine Business Setup

Building a website is only half the battle. You now need to let the search engines know that your business exists. We've got a structured way to do this quickly and effectively, so you're mentioned on Bing, Google, and all the local directories that will help your business get indexed faster.

Website Management

If you're looking for a hands off approach to your website, we understand you! Let our experienced team take care of contacts, daily updates, website changes and adjustments, or monthly analytical reports.

Social Media Branding & Management

If social media is part of your strategy, it's important that your brand image resembles that of your logo, website and other marketing materials. We have all the correct banner sizes and image resolution properties to quickly put together your social media channels with consistent branding.

Let’s discuss your project!

Get in touch and we can discuss working from a prebuilt template, or develop a completely new design and strategy built from scratch around your brand.